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60 tablets
Food supplement made by bees and loved by humans. Forever Bee Propolis contains natural, nutritious ingredients and has protective properties. 


Superior quality and purity you can trust 

• No artificial colours or flavours added
• Contains natural nutritional compounds 
• Chewable and easily digested 
• Vegetarian friendly 
• Gluten-free

We have been producing propolis supplements for decades and we’re one of the oldest manufactures on the market, proud to offer superior quality and purity you can trust. Our Propolis is harvested with care using special collection tools. 

Forever Bee Propolis packs all the benefits of propolis into a chewable tablet that’s easily digestible and absorbed.  

What is Propolis? 

Propolis is a substance used by bees to protect their hive from impurities. It consists of resins and wax from tree buds, as well as pine and spruce resin.   

Who can use Propolis?

Propolis is for everyone! Lots of people are familiar with propolis within skincare, but Forever has provided the opportunity to try it in supplement form. Different cultures from all around the world have actually been known to use propolis straight from the bee-hive. Of course, taking Forever’s supplements are a far easier way to consume propolis.  

Origin of Propolis: 

Propolis’ benefits were founded over 2000 years ago by the Ancient Greeks. The name is purported to come from them: “pro” means “in front of” and polis means “community” – therefore supporting the idea that is ‘substance in defense of the hive’ 

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Forever Living Bee Propolis 100% Natural, 60 Tablets…

Special Price £22.34 Regular Price £31.92